Blind, paralyzing fear of the “Divine Comedy”.

The movie “Seven” brought up a book, written by Dante, for a reason. It’s called “The Divine Comedy“. This grand/epic poem was about our family’s ascension from “Hell”. We are fond of saying we have “Been through Hell” – For a reason. Beatrice helped guide him through the steps, or terraces of the 7 deadly sins to reach and speak with “God”.The Paradise in the Divine Comedy

Even more interestingly, Dante theorized, as well, what was in the sky above us. We have been talking a lot, lately about “Crystalline” as both an insulator AND a conductor. Here is a drawing of what Dante thought was going on in the sky – He was VERY close.

He knew something. This image is incredible and INCREDIBLY telling. Absolutely BRILLIANT man. He’s theories are in line with almost all of ours. As of right now, though, we are more in the camp of Dialectic Monism.



Author: MikeandKatyBug

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