Not so private moments. (Sexual content warning) (Ce/g)

Let’s say MikeANP is using the little trannies room. Or, floggin’ the dolphin or whatever private moment you THINK we/I have, living with DiD. We really don’t. Let’s just say MikeANP is floggin’ the dolphin. At any point, Kayleigh or even Katy Mae (Or anyone), can or will either start talking to someone else in the system, or even me, during!!! Wanna know what happens? Of course you do, this is like a fuckin’ car accident but a hilarious one – If that’s even possible.

It’s like “Katy will you shut the fuck up, I’m busy, CAN”T YOU SEE!?!!? (E/e=At)”. Yes lovely people, it’s absolutely real. You can’t really blame them. They are stuck in one body, they have to exist as well. Generally speaking, someone is always “Co-Engaged” with whoever is dominant (-D+), no matter the situation.

It can get frustrating and sometimes, we get a little irritated with each other – It happens. Imagine being locked in a room with 8 other individuals, forever. That’s exactly what it’s like. You better learn to get along, quick. Sometimes, fights happen.

There have been times when MikeANP is peeing and Kayleigh will say SOMETHING about, well, you know; “Old Ironsides”. It’s like “Kayleigh could I have 2 minutes to myself, PLEASE!?!?”. In response, she’ll usually insult me personally, or what she’s looking at, right there, as I’m trying to pee. “Of course, I can’t, you idiot”! It gets bad when she makes me laugh, while peeing

Sometimes, the system will dissociate simply because there’s too many thoughts and emotions happening at the same time – Emotional and mental overload; In that case, the dissociative element of DiD brings some relief (but jacks up the fear/embarrassment of the dissociative event, itself) to that situation – It slows our internal dialogues (I/d=?) and our thoughts a bit. We all have a moment to breathe.

There are times too, when I have to say “Kayeligh (Or whoever), I need a few minutes to myself” and most times, Kayleigh (Or whoever) obliges as best they can, and vice versa.

We also sense and understand each other’s thoughts, as they happen, in real time. That is an entirely different and extremely complicated issue, especially if more than one person is Co-Engaged.

    Private moments? Nope, doesn’t happen. Imagine never really having a private moment (Or thought) to yourself, ever.

The DiD struggle is real.

Stay perfect, lovely readers.

Author: MikeandKatyBug

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