We love YOU! (Readers) (Cymatics) (Resonance)


Saying “I love you” is such a weird thing. You tell people, even people you just meet that you love them and people get weird. Us Miscreants are rather misunderstood. We told our neighbor we loved him and he got a bit creeped. Lol! We aren’t talking about a lustful or a romantic “Love”  – What we are referring to is a love called “Agape'”. The word “Love” has a resonating harmonic shape! Did you know that!?!?!  When you say you “Love” someone or something, that harmonic energy is expressed into the world and space around you as a 3D shape/object (Cymatics)! Isn’t that flippin’ awesome!?!? :O

A presentation of cymatics and sound resonance. Essentially, the shape of sound(s).

Nikola Tesla harnessed the power of sound and he knew that everything in our realm exists as and resonant harmonic frequencies. “Love” is a powerful sound and a boundless, free energy which is why we love telling people we love them. It’s a healing energy that envelopes space around us.

6 resonant harmonic ratios. (SRC)

That being said, we are so blessed and happy that all of you lovely readers (Those of you who are still left) are part of our lives and following our progress! Thank you for sacrificing some of your precious time to spend with our family. That inspires us, so much.

We love you ALL and we hope you are having a wonderful Valentines day!!!

Stay perfect, lovely people!

The Miscreants (3/33)

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