We know what you’re thinkin; I’m right here!

We know what you lovely souls (A->) are thinking. “Is it weird to write about an alter when they can read what you are writing about them?!!?” ABSOLUTELY. It’s always weird when I’m writing about Kayleigh when she can see exactly what I’m writing. It’s like talking serious smack about someone to a friend while they are in the room with you. Yes, it’s led and will lead to, more arguments.

There are plenty of times I will be writing about someone in our family and they will exclaim “Yeah, you’d better delete that”. The best time to get away with family shenanigans is when an alter is resting/sleeping/dormant (DMT).


  Yes, it’s very weird and kinda silly/crazy at the same time. The DiD struggle is real, people!

  Thank you for taking generous time out of your day to spend with us. That expression is humbling and inspires us. Thank you.


Author: MikeandKatyBug

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