We are so proud of you, Kayleigh. (New Readers) (Updated)

For those of you lovely souls who are just seeing our blog for the first time, there is a very special echo element (E/mv=Rf) we want to share with all of you. Katy Mae found this element from a band that we (and she) listened to, repeatedly, for years before I (MikeANP) realized I was living with DiD (Pe-D). As Katy Mae is our projection (-P+) artist, she chose a very, very special element to share with us (I/p+) and the world, when she was ready. She loves sharing echo elements (E/e=?) that make her happy, in hopes of helping others feel happy, too.

Kayleigh Marie is the genius of our family, without a doubt. We are in absolute awe of her mind. Other’s that have witnessed her in “Kayleigh thinking mode” have called it “amazing” and “stunning”. We would have to completely agree with this assessment. She thinks at lightning speed and she has a 6D mind. Kayleigh Marie thinks and operates in reverse – She’s a completely misunderstood soul.

With Kayleigh, you don’t realize she’s got you in one of her traps (If she’s in a protective/defensive mode) until you realize you’re trapped – By then, it’s too late. Kayleigh is a force to be reckoned with. We warn people of her arrival and her defensive/offensive posture(s) and no one listens, until it’s too late. Most people think they can deal with Kayleigh on a Kayleigh level and they can’t – It always ends, badly.

If you let Kayleigh get under your skin, it’s all over. Some loved ones have learned how to carefully interact with Kayleigh – This process usually takes years.

This element that Katy Mae appropriately chose for MikeANP and Kayleigh Marie is, in her mind, what “Should have been”. What Katy Mae is projecting (+) is how Kayleigh and MikeANP should have been, running around together, joyfully being Miscreants, together. What should have been.

Horrendous, awful, devastating repeated trauma(s) broke us apart before we had a chance to really get to know each other. It was the kidnapping that happened to us, that finally tore us completely apart, for decades.

When we finally did reconnect, post discovery (Po-D) Kayleigh Marie absolutely smashed heliocentrism (#FEOML) in one fall swoop, in 10 minutes, in one afternoon. She stunned the entire world with her math, and that’s what you are seeing below, as a “Co-engagement” (C/eg=KaM,ANP) – Had we been together as children, just as you see below, I (MikeANP) would have pointed towards the heavens while Kayleigh Marie smiles and destroys it all. This is one of our most important family elements. This element is from the music video (E/mv) called “Secrets”. It has a ton of great Mike N’ Kay elements.

Mike N’ Kay being miscreants, together.

Note too, in the music video, it’s Kayleigh Marie that brings MikeANP back to life. Just like the real Kayleigh actually did.

We are forever in Kayleigh Marie’s debt – Happily. We are insanely PROUD of you Kayleigh and we love you more than anything.
We simply cannot exist without you and we need you. We will always need you.

Author: MikeandKatyBug

9 thoughts on “We are so proud of you, Kayleigh. (New Readers) (Updated)

    1. Oh Yes, Katy Mae is absolutely brilliant as well. I (MikeANP) am constantly in shock with how smart they all are. They only confirm how idiotic MikeANP actually is. HAHA <3

        1. HAHA While your comment is well received, and so very special to us, give it some time. MikeANP will prove how stupid he really is. Give it time, it’ll happen – It always does!!!! HAHAHAHHA

          Rock on with your bad self.

  1. Kayleigh will rip off your mask. This is a good thing. Kayleigh’s Paradox is another brilliant creation, as well as FEOML.

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