The devastating reality of DiD. (Readers)

Hello, lovely souls! We hope your day is going as wonderfully! Thank you for swinging by our shitbox when you could be elsewhere! 🙂 There is another aspect of DiD that the misdiagnosed and malingerer’s never discuss, ever. Let’s talk about it!

THIS is what true DiD is really like, in every respect and consideration.

  What those supposedly living with DiD never talk about is the above. There is a trauma, so to speak, that’s constant, living with DID. That continual trauma is, that I will never, in this lifetime, be able to hug Katy Mae and comfort her. I will never be able to shake Mark’s hand and thank him for being my friend. There is, a crushing sadness in that reality. It’s so fucking hard, you have no idea.

I will never have the opportunity, in this life, of taking Kayleigh Marie flying with me. I will never be able to take my family fishing or to the movies or any of the other things that everyone else’s family gets to do, everyday. There is horror and sadness in that context that will never, ever be silenced.

That is a devastating and awful position to be in. It’s a kind of horrible trauma that never leaves our collective consciousness.

It’s not always fun living with DiD and this is a classic example of how this disorder really is a beautiful nightmare that is entirely traumatizing. What they never talk about are things like this, that will haunt us until we finally get out of this messed up realm.

  Stay perfect, lovely readers – There is no other way.


Author: MikeandKatyBug

7 thoughts on “The devastating reality of DiD. (Readers)

  1. “a beautiful nightmare that is entirely traumatizing” I really connect with the way you express your experience. There’s so much sorrow in this post. And the visual you chose to accompany it makes it even more poignant.

  2. I really wish Sci-Fi stuff was possible so y’all could each have your own bodies, just the way each of you see yourselves. Then you all could do things together as a family, and also get some privacy sometimes!

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