Thank you so much, Mr. Matrix 3/33 (NEW Projections) (Puzzle) (System) (Sound) (AtB)

Mr. Matrix, a very long time ago, Katy Mae expressed her wonder at the fact that so much media has been made for our family. This, many of us now know, is the payoff. “It’s a gift” as our daughter says.

She’s still having a hard time understanding and accepting the fact that the world is singing to her. She’ll get there. She’s very humble and very, very, very shy. She has said the same thing, many times “The only attention I want, is from my family”. That’s Katy Mae, for you. The movie “Hacksaw Ridge” we saw today, made many of us cry, especially her, for a few different reasons. What a wonderful story – Gibson did a great job.

Are all of you lovely readers ready for a puzzle?

3 shells ejected from the BAR – 7 Shells ejected from BAR = 3×7=21|  2+1=(3) <-Held

Using the BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle) as the focus of the AtB Element is a puzzle in itself to complete”33″.
It’s an alphanumeric puzzle.

“B”=2 “A”=1 “R”=19.
9/3=3(3) <-Held

Thank you so much for the amazing hold over and alphanumeric puzzles (3/33) in that movie. Some of them were quite challenging. The AtB (Attention to Brass) elements are so amazing, we had to make them both as a new projection (-P+) set and as a gift, from our entire family, right back to you.

Thank you, Mr. Matrix.

Author: MikeandKatyBug

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