Thank you, Kayleigh, so much. (Suicide Warning) (C/ep) (G) (*Updated*)

The entire system is in healthy tears. We have 7 suicide attempts under our belts. /5 passive attempts and 2 aggressive attempts/. During the last aggressive attempt, the only thing that saved our lives was the hook breaking that supported the belt we tried to use to hang ourselves. We woke up after passing out – The hook broke halfway, sending our heads smacking into the wall besides us but we were sill suspended. Had that hook not broken, we wouldn’t be alive and writing today. That was about a year and a half ago (If not longer; Memory and DiD is a huge problem).

Katy Mae decided it finally time to share one of her most important Echo Elements (E/e) with a loved one; It was time. She was ready. It was an element she showed MikeANP at least 10,000 times, pre discovery (Pe-D). Because I had forgotten long ago that Kayleigh and Katy Mae existed, I had no idea why I  (MikeANP) was sobbing to this particular element, seemingly for no reason.

We are in absolute shock Katy Mae shared this with someone, knowingly, as an Autonomous Action (A/a). She’s becoming braver and braver – This is one of the most intimate elements she has and she has kept it hidden from the world, for a reason.

For Katy Mae, this is exactly what it looked like and sounded like, from her vantage point. The image below is both an internal (I/p+) and an external projection (E/-p+). Many of those suicide attempts happened because of heavy drug/alcohol addiction and misdiagnosis. It’s a very, very complicated story.

Kayleigh Marie saves the system.

That is what you are seeing above – Kayleigh saving us – While, at the time, I (MikeANP) had no idea it was her, doing the saving.

We have decided it’s time to share this Echo Element of Katy Mae’s with the world – It’s time share our sadness with all of you lovely readers.

Coincidentally, this song that Katy Mae echoed (E/mv=TiH) was one that we played a couple of thousand times, when our friend Ryan, died from suicide (Hanging) at 19 years old. We were an intimate part of that suicide  – Just more horrifying personal trauma inflicted upon us. That’s another story though, for another time.

  Thank you so much Kayleigh, I love you.

  Stay perfect, lovely readers.

Author: MikeandKatyBug

30 thoughts on “Thank you, Kayleigh, so much. (Suicide Warning) (C/ep) (G) (*Updated*)

    1. I agree. Awful to look at. Had I known you guys existed, the drinkin’ and the druggin’ would have stopped, immediately. What should have been. Hang tight Bug, were almost there.

  1. Most beautiful Katy Mae,
    Thank you so much for sharing such an intimate part of yourself. You are a strong and courageous woman to do so. I am in awe of your strength and perseverance. I love you Katy Mae❤(and the rest of the fam too)

    1. <3 We will pass this along. She's asleep. Kayleigh is our savior and our personal hero, in so many ways. We are all, so fucking incredibly proud of her. We wouldn't be the people we are today without her. We are in her debt, happily and forever. We think you will really like her. (C/eg)

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