Tangling with Kayleigh; What it sounds like to us.

Most of us the system are music lovers – But even more so with Katy Mae. We are extremely sensitive to music. There have been plenty of times when Katy will end up in a heavy possession (P) because of music, alone. Possessions (Including dissociative ones) can happen for many reasons. We always describe our family members not only visually but audibly, as well – Some people have a hard time understanding what we mean. It’s really hard to describe, accurately. We heard a song yesterday and we immediately (Some of us) immediately thought of Kayleigh – Our warrior.

To get an idea of what we mean, play this song and look at the image of Kayleigh battling monsters (Of all kinds) in Vermont at the top of the page – You’ll immediately understand. Seriously – Give it a try!

If you end up tangling with her, this is what WE hear. We have sent this to some loved ones with the same description and they say it’s completely fitting for Kayleigh. Unity; We’ll take it. Hey #Brick, what do you think?

Stay perfect, lovely readers; You do it too well!

Author: MikeandKatyBug

6 thoughts on “Tangling with Kayleigh; What it sounds like to us.

  1. Kayleigh is a beautiful force to reckon with. Under her tough exterior lies a very loving soul. Kayleigh Marie holds nothing back when it comes to protecting the family. She is capable of debating with someone for hours, and she loves it. One thing(and there are many) Kayleigh does well is to challenge others and get them out of their confort zone. People immediately know where they stand with her. As already stated, the above gif and video represent Kayleigh Marie very well?❤❤

    1. HI #BRICK!! We hope you feel better soon and we love you, so much. Katy Mae is A/h but she says hello to you.

      Kayleigh is not one to be messed with, we know that much. I’m glad you came by our blog; Hang tight sister, you’re going to make it.

      Stay PERFECT – It’s what you do best. <3 (C/eg)

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