Spend time with yourself. (Readers) (Challenge) (Sound)

We dare our lovely readers, we DARE/Challenge YOU to shut off down your social media accounts and spend time with yourself. No more likes, no more selfies, no Instagram, no Facebook, no Twitter, no Snapchat….Nothing. Are you afraid of doing that? If you are afraid of that possibility, that should tell you something extremely important. Listen to that fear/trepidation – It’s there to save and protect you.

How long do you think you can go without social media and spend time with you?

Spend time with yourself, no matter how scary it is – You’ll be amazed at what you find and it will change your life, forever.
We promise you that.


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  1. skinnyhobbit says:

    Ahhh that song <3 It's so peaceful to sit with a cup of coffee.

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