Hello, lovely readers. Mr. Matrix (And certain people associate with us) sent us down the “Operation Monarch” rabbit hole and it scared the absolute living shit out of us. It was far too personal disinformation designed to simply scare us. Ironically, “Operation Monarch” in Gemetria is “Operation Himself”. Kind of curious, eh? Loved ones who knew us during this time, called it a “A very bad time”.

So anyways, along the Monarch path we were introduced to a woman named “Sky Matreya”. She believed that she was not only a Project Monarch survivor (The question is, why choose her) but she also believed that she was being raped by demons and that she was the whore of Babylon. When she wasn’t talking publicly about masturbating to videos of people being killed, she was doing her best, from our vantage point, to convince herself she was a victim of this torturous but fake Government program to create Manchurian Candidates and covertly controlled assassins.

She could produce no hard evidence of her participation in that program, just endless, manic ramblings about demons, the CIA and Bible verses that followed the same footprint of other, supposed victims. Eventually, Sky reversed herself and decided that she was a Chinese Sleeper Agent. Poor thing was just getting sicker and sicker.

Operation “Monarch” was an unconfirmed Government program that was an offshoot of Project “Mk Ultra”. It’s a pretty ridiculous and overtly silly disinformation attempt; It included evil Nazi’s having to fill out immigration forms to enter the country to systematically torture abandoned children in the foster care system. The story was so personalized to our family, it terrified us, for a long time before we started seeing the huge holes in such a silly story.

A woman (Cathy O Brien) actually wrote a book about being a Project Monarch survivor (Why would the Government allow her to write a book, in the first place, why not just kill her?) and even Rosie O Donnell got into the Project Monarch action. There are plenty of people out there that claim to be Project Monarch survivors, including those that had been shot by CIA assassins who failed to kill them, on the first try and allowed them to continue living and talking about their experience.

Many times, you will hear supposed victims of Project Monarch rambling on, for hours and hours about unsubstantiated coverups and Government conspiracies.

Sky was clearly completely and totally out of control.  From what we understood, she ended up homeless and she also convinced herself that she was living with DiD. It was clear to us, it wasn’t DiD that wasn’t fueling her psychosis it was more likely Schizophrenia – Which a doctor, a clinical psychologist, who saw her videos, agreed with us on. Part of the Project Monarch playbook is to create a DiD system within a person’s mind through ritual and Satanic (Giveaway) abuse, which is probably how she latched onto the idea about living with DiD in the first place.

She talked about hearing particular voices while demons raped and abused her in her Youtube videos. We truly felt bad for this person. Being a product of the public mental health system, her manic induced videos of grandiosity and delusions, made total sense to us. The system, wasn’t helping her, one bit; We can relate.

One of Sky’s videos that has been mirrored.

We did a check this afternoon on her, to see how she’s doing and it looks like the hundreds of videos she produced, demonstrating that severe mental illness are gone. All of her content, that she spent so long to produce is completely gone. This might be a good thing or it could be a bad thing. We are hoping for a good thing. In several of her videos, she apologized for “spreading disinformation” – A moment of enlightenment, perhaps?

Either way, we hope that this is an indicator that she’s actively seeking and receiving the proper help for her mental health issues and we hope, no matter where she’s at or what she’s doing, she’s feeling better and is on a path towards active, stable, sober recovery.

  All the best to you Sky – We wish you the best of luck no matter where you are and what you are doing. Hang in there.