Radical Face “Secrets” puzzle solution. (System) (#Brick)

Hello lovely readers. Katy Mae is very much engaged and has been for the last few days. Now that she’s more engaged, the “Radical Face – Secrets” video makes even more sense than it did before. It’s a Katy Mae story (Internal Projection (I/-p+))of MikeANP (RCT) rescuing Kayleigh Marie (RCT) (Displayed as a “Fragment (-f+)) from an abusive family member.

  As with all Matrix media, it’s loaded with puzzles for our family to solve. This puzzle is an “Alphanumeric” puzzle.

Kayleigh staring at two blocks labeled “J” and “B”. It makes no sense until you realize it’s a puzzle; An alphanumeric one.

“B” in the alphabet is 2
“J” in the alphabet is 10

-Or- 2+1=


Author: MikeandKatyBug

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