Perspective Shift! (P/s=F/s) (System) (Readers)

Holy crap we are going through a perspective shift (P/s) into the female system!!! These things are so fucking weird!!! God, they are so amazingly awesome and creepy at the same time. Imagine for a moment, lovely readers the following:

Imagine all of the sudden you actually FEEL and experience yourself being shorter and smaller than you actually are. Right now, I sense and feel much shorter than I actually am. This is clearly a perspective shift into a short female system. Imagine standing 5’9 and you actually feel, in the moment that you are actually standing at 5’2. I feel and sense myself as a very midget like female. It’s so amazingly difficult to explain. You feel as though your body has been smashed down a foot and half or so. You feel like a midget – Like a small, compact female. These shifts can be extremely disturbing, especially if it comes out of nowhere.

This is also an indication there could be a dominance (-D+) issue that’s happening or will be happening.

It is so fucking creepy. God, it’s SOOOOO CREEPY! (We will add this even into the ticker and our logs). SOOOOO FUCKING CREEPY. You never, ever, ever get used to a perspective shift. This could last for hours, days or might end in 5 minutes.

The DiD struggle is real, lovely readers! Hoooly shit!

Author: MikeandKatyBug

5 thoughts on “Perspective Shift! (P/s=F/s) (System) (Readers)

  1. Wow!!! I’ve often joked that I wish I could switch bodies with my husband for a day so that I could reach high things and lift heavier things, but I can’t fathom what it would be like to suddenly feel like I AM a 5’10 male inside my own body.

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