No coincidences; “Michael”. (#Divergent) (System + Readers)

 “I watched the final episode, it wasn’t very good but the main character, called “Michael”, who had designed heaven, was sent to Earth to live a normal human life with his memory changed so he didn’t know what would happen after death. Kind of coincidental.”  –The #Wrench (#Divergent)

  Indeed. There are no coincidences, ever. Especially for #Divergents. A slow burn.

Our family right now, is extremely upset, totally infuriated and terribly saddened We are focusing on us, right now, through this very difficult time we are experiencing. It’s only going to get harder for us. We might end up quiet for a while.

We are all still with you and you are perfect, just the way you are, right now.

Stay that way.


Author: MikeandKatyBug

29 thoughts on “No coincidences; “Michael”. (#Divergent) (System + Readers)

      1. Hi, lovely Bug. Don’t be sad if you don’t have to be. We will beat this. People who harm others come a dime a fucking dozen, we know that, don’t we? They get what’s coming to them, one way or another. Dare I say “Karma” because that seems too human a construct. Misery loves company and we aren’t miserable anymore. / (P), (C/eg=KaM,ANP) /

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