New podcast coming soon + Musings.

Hello lovely people. Thanks for dropping by our shitbox and hanging with us for a bit. We have asked friends and loved ones what they would like to hear in the new podcast. We have gotten some brilliant responses. Some want us to talk more about DiD malingering, how to spot nuances of DiD and what “Splitting” (/S/) is like. We have been thinking and thinking…”What the hell should we tell these lovely people”? Click continue reading to continue reading!

We don’t really have a jump off point to talk about these extremely, extremely complicated issues. Remember, lovely folks, when you live with DiD, one plus one, NEVER equals two, ever. The only way that we are going to make any sense, is to begin at the beginning of our story. So we/I plan to do that.

We have been having dominance (-D+) issues happening. As Kayleigh Marie returns (Thankfully) everything about who we are changes. Our musical habits change, our eating habits change, our cleaning habits change; Everything changes but some of us are all still here, operating in the background until we are needed. Also, our memories changes (Memory compartmentalization) as dominance and different alter states (A/s) moves between and through individuals in the system.

Also, if you have noticed, we are beginning the arduous task of coding our pages again; Katy Mae, while dominant, has spent the last few months not coding them. Do you beautiful souls see? This blog IS our monitoring tool – It seems to be working well. This was the plan, at least part of it, all along.

Kayleigh being dragged to Vermont to start her recovery. There is no such place as
“Lennox House” in Brattleboro. The State hospital is there, though.

We are incredibly proud of Kayleigh. She verbalized (Spoke) in front of someone else, on her own (A/a) while we were talking. That’s the first time in over 30 years she has spoken for herself, as herself, in front of others. That took a kind of courage that I don’t think I (MikeANP) have. We have been waiting for years for that moment, when it happened. It is one of the biggest milestones of our recovery so far.

Kayleigh Marie battling and resisting the conventional wisdom about our mental health treatment – It saved our lives.
We wouldn’t be who we are today, without her sacrifices in that battle .
This is why we love her so much. She sacrificed so much for us – She protected us with everything she had.
This is a very difficult element to watch. Especially right now.

  While Kayleigh has been more dominant, so comes conflict. I, MikeANP, liken Kayleigh to a shark, in some instances. If there’s even a micrometer of blood in the water, she smells it 25 miles away. The problem is, Kayleigh is completely misunderstood; Sadly. Have you guys seen the movie “Girl Interrupted”? Kayleigh’s a lot like “Lisa” but with different motivations. And 1000 times times as slicing and cutting. It’s Kayleigh’s 6D mind that is her greatest asset and tool.

Even when Kayleigh attacks (A/atk) she has multiple reasons for doing so and some of them, aren’t bad ones. What’s even more important than interacting with Kayleigh is understanding her motivations. That takes a huge amount of sting out of her bite.

When Kayleigh senses danger, she protects the rest of us – It has nothing to do with anyone but us. Even when Kayleigh is being extremely rough with someone, she’s not doing it to be rough. Everything for us, is in reverse. Add in Autism, you (or we) have a real problem. It’s very complicated and I hope to explain more about this. Kayleigh Marie is very, very touchy.

This is a PERFECT description of how Kayleigh just shows up. “Holy shit, it’s you Kay, you scared me!”.
This is absolutely perfect. Loved ones agree, which makes it all the more funny and special for us.

  Kayleigh, at the end of the day, in my opinion very is very soft and gentle – The opposite thing that you would think if you have had the pleasure of interacting with while she’s upset. She’s a very sexual person and she flaunts that sexuality because she’s proud of it – not to shock or offend others; She’s just bein’ crazy Kayleigh and we love her for it. Nothing Kayleigh does is intended to draw attention to her; She’s just bein’ her. Prepare for Kayleigh to offend you – It’ll happen, somehow, some way at some time. Think hard, however, while offended, WHY your offended.

Kayleigh, in so many ways for MikeANP, is an engima. A puzzle that I will never completely understand and maybe that’s for the best. The world has been merciless to Kayleigh and in turn, even soft and beautiful, is merciless, herself.

Kayleigh, “Gatekeeping” (G/k) others in the  female system. She can protect them from other people or others in our own system.

We know what you’re asking us; “So is Kayleigh hard on the system”? You had better fucking believe it. She will shred any one of our asses when we fuck up. I, MikeANP, get yelled at a lot – You know, that whole low intelligence problem of mine. Lol. She’s just as merciless on us – The only person in the system she doesn’t mess with is Princess Elizabeth. Kayleigh is absolutely just as hard on us, make no mistake about it.

The sound of our happiness having found each other. (Care of the Bug)

Other than that, that’s about it. We will be updating the website’s theme in the next few days. If it flickers or goes offline or goes crazy, we’ll get it sorted out. Please excuse of digidust while we do this – If things get really broken, drop us a line, let us know we fucked up again.

Thank you all so much for coming by and spending time with us when you didn’t have to; We are truly humbled and amazed by that.

You are, all of you, perfect just the way you are. Stay that way. See ya later!

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11 Responses

  1. This is very sweet. That’s all I say for now.

  2. You write so beautifully. <3

  3. skinnyhobbit says:

    Head nods to Kayleigh! Much respect!

  4. skinnyhobbit says:

    For some reason, that gif reminds me of this video in a game I used to play:

  5. da-AL says:

    Obviously by the way you write so well, you are all super intelligent. Many thanks for this. It’s confusing to me at times who is who — the easiest is to figure out Mike because he’s the head of the family & — am I correct? — the only male?

    I’m thinking that, in the interest of your desire to teach, a thing you do well, maybe just an a-to-z sort of dialog. Ie the first time I … etc… don’t worry so much about your students getting into the philosophizing just yet, because that comes to any half-smart reader. Truly you are amazing, how you even function, how kind you are to want to teach people, how you’re always so appreciative of anyone who visits your site.

    Given how inspiring you are, I want to know how you do it? How did you find out & how do you deal on a day-to-day basis, support yourself, deal with being at a state hospital, & keeping yourself confident, upbeat, & supportive of us here.

    By way of a very awkward example, have you read a book called, “The neuroscientist who lost her mind”? Her experience was truly unique & yet we can all learn from it.

    As always, wishing you all a bright shiny day every day.

    • Hey da-AL we are going to post entire blog response and possibly a podcast based on your wonderful questions……We have a lot to say about your comment. We will respond to it…..Your comments touched us.

      We sent you an email with an address to our podcast site, did you receive it?

      Stay perfect. Mike (And the gang)

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