New “Oh FUCK” moment. (MikeANP) (System)

Holy shit. This song scared the shit out of MikeANP in my teens. Had no idea why. Why was MikeANP singing a song about a breakup, when no breakup occurred – No one asked, “Hey, why is a male in his teens singing a drippy breakup song”!?!

There is a very special story being told in this video that MikeANP finally can understand – Finally, after so long, this video (And song) make total and complete sense. It had to be now, decades later – For reasons known by our family and this, is devastating for MikeANP. This is what our trauma is hiding.

It’s these “Oh FUCK” moments that you have to wrestle, living with DiD that are completely indescribable and awful in almost every respect. I’m kind of in a shock at the moment

You think MikeANP felt like a total piece of shit (That I thought I was) THEN, imagine what I’m feeling right NOW.  This one is just beginning to hit home – I’m just, speechless. MikeANP promised to share our recovery with the world. Even the really, really awful, tragic and heartbreaking experiences, that have happened to everyone in our family. The true DiD struggle is extremely real and extremely tragic at times.


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32 thoughts on “New “Oh FUCK” moment. (MikeANP) (System)

  1. Kayleigh looking exactly like the same Kayleigh in “Sucker Punch” it’s a stunning, deliberate, RCT element that also has a T/tm attached to it.

  2. Don’t do it Brother. You two were taken away from each other – You didn’t fail her. The time you lost with her it’s not even close to your future is going to be. Don’t even think about it. Hang in there.

    1. This is SUPPOSED to hurt brother, it’s supposed to hurt BAD – The more you love the more you’re going to suffer; That’s the deal. You were born in the dark, remember? Keep your mind.

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