Multiple handwriting styles – Practical example. (True DiD) (Readers)


Hello lovely readers, holy shit. Kayleigh Marie is absolutely with us tonight. We can sense how upset and touchy she is – That being said, we wanted to give you guys another lovely and wonderful look at how true DiD manifests itself in everyday handwriting. It’s always amazing to see our family’s handwriting when we do write, together. We know what you are thinkin’ and yes you are correct- Filling out applications and other forms/documents can be a real pain in the ass, if there is a heavy co-engagement happening at the time.

All of us, without exception write in very different styles. The image you see below, shows at least 4 different handwriting styles and is/was a dead giveaway to multiple people writing at the same time (Co-Engagement). Our family has been writing since we were about 4 years old and never actually looked our handwriting, together. The Lovely Bug has big, flowery handwriting.

This is from our recovery journal, post discovery (Po-D) This particular page was written in late 2017. Check it out! :O

We are going to keep things simple and short tonight. Do you see all the different writing styles?

Stay perfect, people!

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        1. We love all color. Katy Mae (Who’s still asleep) loves every color there is and a lot of colors that contrast each other. Check out her drawings, you can clearly see her love of color and contrast.

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