Mark Sargent appears on “This Morning”. (Readers) (System)

This is, without a doubt the creepiest, weirdest, Flat Earth mainstream interview we have ever seen. Another #Divergent is just as perplexed as we are. There are hundreds of questions that this video engenders with #Divergents. One of the big problems is, Mark Sargent is also promoting a lot of incorrect falsehoods in this vague interview.

The top question is; There are plenty of “Flat Earthers” in the United Kingdom. WHY did you fly “Mark Sargent” (3)” all the way from Seattle to your country, when you have popular “Flat Earthers” right down the street? Simple answers.

Flat Earth is back in the mainstream (Kind of odd, for such a stupid theory), this. following the death of another Flat Earther “Mad Mike” (33) in a homemade rocket crash. (Click continue reading to jump down another flat earth rabbit hole, with us.

There was an absolutely STUNNING admission made by Mark Sargent in this video (A few stunning admissions, actually).

While we were a part of the flat earth movement, a group of popular flat earthers sent us a beautiful Flat Earth map that really blew us away. Why these particular flat earthers seemed so interested in what we thought about this map, was a BIG clue to the games being played.

We had SO many questions. When we asked WHO made really neat design, no one could tell us. We had to speak to the person or people that made this map.

In fact, flat earthers spent months trying to track down who designed this map. It is very mysterious – and whoever created was just as mysterious. This design popped up, out of nowhere.

No one knew who created it, no one in the movement took credit for it’s design and they should have – This is quite an achievement. It became for our family, an enigma as well as for everyone else. Who the hell created this thing!?!?!?!

That was until Mark Sargent blatantly said in this odd interview “One of our people made it”. We were immediately blown away (As well as another #Divergent) when he said this What “People”? No one knows who created this map but Mark Sargent does? Big clues, lovely readers.

Is the world about to find out the true shape of the Earth?

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