Love isn’t in the air. (Readers) (Super Late Nite)

Living right up the way from a bar has it’s advantages – Every once in a great while. So, there was some guy and this chick walking to her car. We were hanging out of the window smokin’ a cigarette. We turned out the lights as the lady was talking quite loudly;

Not a good sign for this guy, alreadyA woman talking loudly is doing it for a reason.
(Insert head shake)

  So this guy goes in for a hug/kiss and she kinds of hugs (sans kiss) him with the tell tale “Pat on the back” patting. Uh oh, this isn’t gonna end up good for the poor guy (insert wince, here). That’s when she said:

  “I don’t give out my phone number, especially to someone I just met but it was really nice to meet you.” “Maybe I’ll see you again, sometime”.

Or in other words, “Never” (Insert echo)

  OUCH. Mr. Slick/horny walked back towards the bar with a bit of low hanging shoulders; We understand. Love isn’t in the air tonight – Get back in the game, Tiger; It happens to the best of us.

  Being as visually disadvantaged as MikeANP is, you get used to getting shot down – A normal occurrence. Ah well, whatever.

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