Hello lovely souls. Today was a good day and we wanted to share a serious LOL with all of you who are new to our blog. We’ll make this quick and let the Echo Element (E/e=Alofo). For MikeANP and other males in the male system (M/s) meeting a gaggle of very beautifully emotional women, it was JUST LIKE THIS. (Note the cute female laughs in the background, it was JUST like this). The female system knew this day was going to come which is why they echoed it, so many times. Trying their best to warn the Male System (M/s).

Love ones remember this moment, very, very well, which makes it all the much more hilarious. Also note, at the end, Tom Hanks has to take charge of the confusing and frightening situation. “Come on you girls, GET ON THE BUS!” with predictable female responses. And true to fine Male system chivalry, we attempt to give the female system a compliment and we even fuck that attempt up.

  This is EPIC family shenanigans.