Kayleigh finally threw down her whole card. (System Notes)

Kayleigh, is patient. She has a superhuman amount of patience. While someone lied to her and gaslit her and the rest of the system, for years, she waited. And waited. She held onto something, a chunk of hidden information, that she found, that she could use, later on.


More waiting. And more waiting – More years went by. Finally, when the time was right, she threw down her whole card for our entire system to witness – While at the same time, exposing those lies and gaslighting attempts, to and for us (And no one else). The entire system was like:


  Patience is a very, very scary weapon when employed correctly.

If you lie to Kayleigh Marie, you are in a world of shit and she will catch you – That’s part of her job in the system.

Author: MikeandKatyBug

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