Holy sh*t. Things are gettin’ crayzay!

As #Divergents, we don’t take a political position, we can’t. That’s part of what being a #Divergent means and is all about – Sometimes (Okay, most times), it’s a curse. We will say this though; We are, happily and gratefully, students of history, war and politics. We have been studying these subjects our entire lives.

We don’t do politics on our blog and we don’t do religion here, either but we will say this;

House speaker rips up Trump’s speech. Wow.

  Never, in those decades of studying politics, have we ever seen such a divided Government. If we look in history, that we are always doomed to repeat, the lead up to the Civil War looked just like this. We don’t think we are there just yet but others are concluding that a civil war has already started. Other historians say that the political climate we are in now, was worse than it was leading up to the civil war.

On a matrix note that none of us can ignore, we were sitting in a car, driving with our adoptive father, many moons ago. We said “Wouldn’t it be AWESOME to see a civil war?!?!!” – Of course, we said that as children, not knowing any better. Were you listening, as always, Mr. Matrix?

There’s a reason we are close to the Canadian Border. There’s a reason we were dragged to this gawdawful State. There’s a reason that Canada is slowly being brought into Mainstream American news. There’s a reason Canada was involved in that weird Iranian shootdown that was loaded with math puzzles (3/33). NOTHING is coincidence. Mr. Matrix likes to bring things on, very slowly; This we have learned, the hard way (As well as other #Divergents).

Our #Divergent senses are screamin‘ at us, tonight. We can’t wait for the #Wrench to see this.

Stay perfect, lovely readers!

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