Hilarious DiD claim (How to spot an act – Malingering). (DSP)

We saw, perhaps the best bullshit artist DiD claim last night we have seen yet; Someone was doing their best to act like a prepubescent little girl (An alter). At one point during this trainwreck of a performance, we started cackling; That’s the only thing we could do, in response. Even Katy Mae was cackling (Which is rare). Everyone was cackling including the person who was watching it with us. Our friend exclaimed “Oh come on, are you serious!?!?” – Even our friend’s partner was like “Oh come on, are you serious?!?!”. It was THAT bad.

When someone acts like they have DiD, anyone with true DiD can spot the bullshit from Mars. It’s like MikeANP trying to describe to a woman what having a period is like. HAHA <3

Katy’s actual response to the hilarity last night; This was also the response from loved ones.

  There are a ton of giveaways to the performance, last night but the biggest clue was this person’s voiceprint. We lined up comparison videos (Youtube) of when this person was their regular “Host” persona while they were speaking. Then we started listening to this person’s voice as they claimed to be a little girl and other alters in a DiD system as a comparative sample/study;

That voiceprint didn’t change no matter who was “Dominant”.

Dead giveaway.

A person’s voice is something that they cannot hide, no matter how hard they try and it’s something many of us in the system, study with great attention and care (Hyper vigilance). Many times you will end up listening to people claiming to live with DiD, speaking as an alter, and all they are really doing is increasing or decreasing the pitch in their voice(s). The underlying structure of their voices, however, never change, and it should (Loss of executive control), as dominance changes or swaps.

The truly sad part is, we feel bad for this person. Not only that, we were actually embarrassed for them. Either this person is lying about their diagnosis to gain unearned sympathy and or some kind of financial benefit, or, was misdiagnosed by someone who fell for a really crappy media imitation/interpretation of DiD (Which in itself, is a huge problem). There is a tremendous amount of disinformation about DiD, on the web because of people just like this – It’s our self appointed job to bust the myths that surround this extremely rare disorder in the name of DiD awareness.

Either way, holy shit. We needed the laugh.

Stay perfect, people; You do it too damned well. 🙂


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