Goodbye, WordPress!

Hello lovely readers! 😀 😀 😀 We have officially disassociated ourselves from the main WordPress reader system. It was time. We spent 6 years advocating for DiD awareness, there. We just didn’t like the situation(s) that we were in there; All for personal/internal reasons. 🙂 – This way, we can refocus our efforts back to our mission(s) – Being our wonderful selves, for ourselves and promoting DDiD awareness.

We also hope to focus more effort on our most important motivational message: Love yourself. I know we will be successful. I know it.

Over the next few days we will be working on SEO optimization and other non WordPress related efforts in hopes of reaching a wider audience. We will also be rebuilding our linkage and menu system!! Exciting times! Keep your eyes out for our new podcast, coming soon!

 Stay perfect, lovely readers! 😀


Author: MikeandKatyBug

5 thoughts on “Goodbye, WordPress!

    1. Hi Sadie! No, we won’t be coming back to the main WordPress reader, ever. We’ve seen enough. 🙂 Honestly, after having talked about it, it just seems smarter to leave this system up and running for now – We’ll just focus of our effects on heavy SEO. You’re wonderful! Stay perfect!

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