She’s going to make it. (Post updated)

Hello lovely souls! It’s been a crazy day but we have some amazing news. We hope that this post provides our readers with a bit of happiness – We love sharing our happiness with others. Thank you too, for coming by our shitbox and sacrificing some of your time to spend with us.

Katy Mae’s Godmother was diagnosed with Cancer. It came as a shock to our family. MikeANP was absolutely terrified of the possibilities. I had many sleepless nights and plenty of tears to count while she fought this battle with Cancer. The Lovely Bug, however knew she would pull through – Katy Mae told her that she would make it. Katy was right. We are happy to report that this person is in complete Cancer remission, as of this writing. This person fought a hard battle and a well earned victory.

This particular woman has known our family the longest out of anyone we know. She knew us when we were at the height of our illness, (Pe-D) still functioning addicts (multiple addictions) and alcoholics. We were truly and completely out of our fucking minds in every respect. She called us “Crazy” plenty of times, before we were ready to entertain that idea. She was the first to say “Maybe you are fighting yourself”. We are sure she knows the split (/S/) reference we are talking about – it’s below for you lovely readers. This is an “Echo Element” (E/e) as well as both an internal (I/p) and an external projection (E/p) of Mike and Mark(us), pre discovery (Pe-D).

MikeANP and Mark(us) battling eachother, pre discovery (Pe-D) (SRC✅)

When we decided to get clean, pre-discovery (Pe-D), she sat with us, on the phone, sometimes for hours listening to us whine and complain, sounding pathetically sorry for ourselves. When we hated ourselves, she loved us even more. She has tangled with Kayleigh Marie one more than occasion. She has earned Kayleigh’s respect and admiration. That’s NOT an easy feat for anyone, not even MikeANP, if you can believe it. Katy Mae, too, holds a special, special place in her heart for her. This, I (MikeANP), do know with certainty.

This woman was present the moment I discovered Katy Mae (DSC) – She knew, somehow, that we would find relative wellness. She believed in MikeANP (And the rest of us) when even our own spouse could care less about us – No one believed in us but her and she proved that to our family through dedication and tremendous personal effort. She has earned her place in our family’s lives through sacrifice, dedication and a stunning amount of grace.

This woman has a courage and strengths that MikeANP will never possess and I (MikeANP) am in awe by that strength of character; Her strength inspires me to be a better person, father, friend, relative and mental health advocate. She has a kind of character that cannot be manufactured and a character that our family has deliberately tested, for a long time. Through all of it, she has stood by us in both the best and the worst of times with our family. She is a light that has guided us through this fucking nightmare we are in and we want all of you to know how special to our family she truly is. She already knows how special she is.

Thank you; You know who you are. Thank you for everything; NONE of this would have even been remotely fucking possible, without you. You will remain in our hearts, forever.

  Stay perfect, lovely readers, because you are perfect, in every way.



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