Extreme Reactions: Echo Elements (Kayleigh Marie) (Readers) (Mature Warning)

Hello lovely readers. A loved one once told us (Post Discovery) “The reactions you have to these movies are “Extreme””. There are a whole bunch of different reasons for that (Including coloring (C3) and puzzles (3/33)) but we wanted to simplify an element so you lovely readers can quickly understand what’s happening, in our Inner World (IW).

This is from a movie called “Rambo”. We warn viewers this is an extremely violent Echo Element but we urge long time readers and loved ones to watch this because it’s more than just a movie for our family. Most people that see this can disconnect and say to themselves “It’s just a movie, it’s just entertainment”. Not for us – It’s the complete opposite.

 For us, it’s a very horrible and traumatizing experience – We are not only reliving trauma but experiencing Kayleigh
being traumatized in the most awful of ways.

  To make a very long story short, what you are witnessing is our family powerless to stop an unarmed Kayleigh Marie (Blonde Hair-RCT) from being shot at and taken captive.

Kayleigh Marie is always the first in a fight but this is one of the extremely rare occasions where she’s running for her life, unarmed and that’s not something our family is used to experiencing. Because we suffer from Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, this kind of element is only that much more activating and triggering (Aside from the visual cues).

Everything in our minds and bodies are screaming at us “Kayleigh is in extreme danger, RESCUE HER PROTECT HER!!” and we would if we could. All we want to do is reach through the screen and stop what’s happening to her but we can’t. In that way, we are absolutely powerless to help “Her”. All of the background violence that’s happening, that we can tolerate that, very easily which is a giveaway (In hindsight) that this is ALL and was always about Kayleigh – She’s the focus of our complete attention in this echo element.

Kayleigh, unarmed, running for her life. This is the most triggering part of this element for us.

These kinds of elements (And there are many) are absolutely devastating for our family to witness and experience. No matter how many times we tell ourselves “It’s just a MOVIE” it doesn’t change our emotional response to what’s happening. Every single time we see this or replay it, we cry. No matter how many times we keep repeating to ourselves “It’s just a fucking movie”. It never changes. Even when Kayleigh is engaged and saying “I’m okay, guys” it’s still gut wrenching.

  Imagine seeing your loved one on TV being killed or harmed or attacked. Imagine how difficult that would be for you knowing you could do absolutely nothing to help them.

It’s no different in this case, for our family and that’s exactly what’s happening. Only we have experienced this assault on Kayleigh thousands upon thousands of times, pre-discovery – Essentially re traumatizing ourselves, thousands of times. Battle shock.

Kayleigh ending up in a large puddle of water, which is a trauma element (T-E) for our family.

  Sometimes, Katy Mae absolutely sobs seeing this – Not only because she’s seeing her Mom being attacked (Trauma recreation) and Katy can’t help her but also as a cathartic release for her, and others who are engaged with her. Many of us will play this over and over again if we need that cathartic release, at the cost of having to experience Kayleigh being attacked. Before discovery (Pe-D) of Kayleigh Marie, this scene drove MikeANP crazy. Once I (MikeANP) discovered Kayleigh, this Echo Element made complete and total sense.

Kayleigh being dragged away and we can’t do anything to help her. – This is one of the hardest parts of this element to experience.

Certain movie scenes, if properly colored can be extremely dangerous for our family as they can lead to possessions and other CPTSD related issues.

On a technical note, if you watched the scene, that big gun doing all the shooting is a .50 Caliber machine gun. The damage you see it doing to people is absolutely accurate. The .50 Caliber round is big, heavy bullet and it flies at incredible speed, dealing incredible damage to whatever it hits, including people.

Stay perfect lovely readers as you are perfect.


Author: MikeandKatyBug

40 thoughts on “Extreme Reactions: Echo Elements (Kayleigh Marie) (Readers) (Mature Warning)

          1. Yep, I think that was a possession (P) alright. You’ll come back down. Keep breathing – Cry it out. Kayleigh’s okay, no one hurt her, it’s just a movie. Ce/g

          1. We are writing right now about a suspected dominance issue happening – Everything might change with us, fast. What’s the easiest way to get ahold of you when we post it?

          2. Good question! If I’m online on Skype, that’s the best way. I’m usually online on Skype when I’m around in the flat. But if I’m offline there, feel free to email me, that means I’m on my smartphone and I get notified right away too! 😀

    1. What our family DOESN’T want, is you feeling bad for us. Don’t feel bad – Save that energy for more useful purposes. 🙂 We truly appreciate and are humbled by your sentiment. Thank you <3 <3 <3 (C/eg)

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