Extended silence – There really is silence.

Something that people with DiD, oddly, rarely or never talk about is something we like to call “Extended Silence”. People misinterpret our extended silence periods. Let’s set the stage up, shall we?

You, MikeANP, Stephanie and Katy Mae may be laughing for days, months, or even years. You talk with them, they talk with you, MikeANP gets uglier (And dumber, sorry, had to). Everything is going fine. Texting, emailing, whatever. All of the sudden that stops. Completely. We get extremely quiet and in some cases, we simply may not want to talk to you. You send texts, emails with no reply. What’s going on?

In 99.9 percent of cases, if we get quiet, immediately there is either a dominance (-D+) issue happening or a Co-Engagement (C/eg=?) that’s resulting in a mixed dominance event (Mde). Whoever has taken control may not like you, simply may have nothing to say to you, or in some cases, others in the system are keeping whoever away from you. It can be a whole host of different things.

While all of this is happening, we are dissociated and simply and literally, forget that you exist, like we forget that we exist. As harsh as that SOUNDS, that’s the way it and it’s not intentional or, ill intentioned. We become other’s in our family, we are are all individuals.

In any event the best thing that you can do, is play along. If we get quiet, you get quiet. We get funnier, MikeANP gets uglier, than you become funnier with us. Match what you are experiencing with us and everything will be A-OK. Many people rightly but erroneously assume “Well, I did something wrong”. We understand why people personalize that silence we are guilty of the same thing, sometimes – Don’t personalize. If you said or did something “wrong”, someone will confront you.

This is yet another part of DiD that’s even harder on a relative, friend or loved one. It can be, sometimes the hardest of them when they don’t have the time to say “Goodbye, I’ll see later”!! It’s hard. Extended silence can go for days, weeks, months and in some cases, a year. All of the sudden one day, we pop up out of nowhere like nothing has happened and no time has gone by but for you, you haven’t heard from us in weeks.

What you should never do (Unless an emergency happens) is to try and poke your head in on whatever crazy shit we have going on. Don’t try to force yourself back into our lives; It will only result in a fight.  Like we said – When you are interacting with us, do what we do. The best thing you can do with extended silence is watch our blog. Tell tale signs, all over the place, of who may be in control and who may be engaged in the background.

In this this case silence can be good, as well as potentially bad. If you feel as though everything has changed in a heartbeat, without warning, everything’s fine. We’ll come back to you, eventually.

MikeANP is dumb – What Dumb failed to mention is that this blog was also created for ones to track exactly what is happening with us, as well. Yes, he’s this stupid in real life, too. We certainly haven’t been ourselves over the last few days.

The DiD struggle is real, people.

Thank you for coming by!


Author: MikeandKatyBug

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  1. My apologies Katy,
    I woke up with a migraine and chest cold. Let’s hope it doesn’t get worse.❤❤

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