Dr. Ramani: No contact relapse. (Readers) (Narcissist Abuse) (Suicide warning) (Post Updated)

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We made the mistake of relapsing back into contact with a narcissist who emotionally abused our entire family, lied to us and emotionally manipulated our family for years. That severe abuse was one was one of the many contributing factors as to why we almost killed ourselves, about 2 years ago. This particular abuser knew we were suicidal and chose to do nothing while we attempted to hang ourselves – A rather shocking but not surprising fact, in retrospect. The only thing that saved our lives, was the hook that was supporting us, broke. We still have scars on our neck from that attempt.

Narcissists have a systemically complete lack of empathy for their victims and the horrendous (And potentially dangerous) suffering they inflict upon them. Their abusive gaslighting, constant validation seeking and lying have their targets questioning their own sanity; Yes, it can get that bad and it got that bad for our family.

Good goin.

Narcissists are out for themselves, have no doubt about it and they don’t care who they harm or how they harm. Their acts of kindness, that appear to their targets as kindness (Until their targets catch onto the games) are actually acts of selfishness and attempts at emotional control over their victims. Narcissists are very cold, calculating people, have no doubt about it but will appear as the exact opposite until you catch on to their bad behavior and recognize that behavior for what it is, not what the victim wants it to be.

We finally extricated ourselves from this truly unwell person but eventually fell into the same trap that most people who are emotionally abused by narcissists fall into; Relationship relapse. Well, some of us did. It’s very complicated and it includes trauma bonding and peptide addiction(s) but we’ll talk about that later. Empaths and trauma survivors are the favorite targets of a Narcissist.

Some people call narcissists “Monsters” and “Evil“. We would say that’s going WAY too far. Those opinions are coming from a place of anger, sadness, moralist entitlement and chosen victim hood, not stable mental health with objective reasoning applied to the situation. In reality, as weird as it is, when someone is abused by a Narcissist, it has little to do with their victim. It’s all about the Narcissist and their super huge but super fragile egos.

From our experience(s), narcissists are truly sad, tortured individuals. For all their games, emotional manipulation(s), their fake gusto, the lying, paper thin facades and horribly abusive behavior, they are just insecure and emotionally brittle people – That’s it, that’s all. Nothing more than that. They abuse others so they don’t feel their own pain. It’s said “Hurt people, hurt people”. So very true.

In our never ending quest of mental health advocacy, we would like to introduce you to “Dr. Ramani” who is a Clinical Psychotherapist that specializes in helping those who have been abused by Narcissists or “Narcs”. If you are dealing with a Narcissist in your life, this woman’s Youtube videos are an outstanding resource for you (In our opinions). We have been following this woman for quite some time and are happy to share her videos with all of you lovely souls.

   Stay perfect, lovely people, you do it too damned well! 😀


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