DiD LOL’s: Hands up!

Having DiD is really fun and the antics can be very comical – Come on people, everyone wants to rob a bank or burn down a CVS from time to time, it’s not just us, it CAN”T be just (We can keep a secret) us. Imagine it – What a hilarious disaster that would be:

“Officer, KAYLEIGH burned down the CVS, MIKE bought the gasoline and Mark walked up here – CAN’T YOU SEE?!!?! (E/e=At⚡)”. Maybe the cop would laugh so hard we’d have another 5 minutes of freedom – Maybe an extra blanket in lockup, whatever. Does that mean that we would all get individual charges and sentences?


  “Everyone get your fuckin’ hand’s up! Listen to my boy Mark here, he’s not fuckin’ around, either!!”

Everyone would calmly be like:

“Who the fuck you talkin’ to”? Some guy in the back would be like “What the fuck!?!”
“Is that even a real gun?”
Would they even press charges?

It’s crazy this far North – Some goodhearted Liberal would
yell out “He’s just expresssssing himself – Stop tasing him!!”.

  People would laugh at us. Excellent.

STOP IT You’re gonna kill him!
This is epic DiDness if we have ever seen it. No it’s not “Realistic” and yes it’s hilarious to us!

It’s a fictional movie, exaggerating the disorder to Nuclear levels
but getting aspects of the disorder, including loved ones involvements, spot on).

  That’s our families new catchphrase. DiDness.

 If you cannot make serious fun of yourself, you’re doomed.


Author: MikeandKatyBug

20 thoughts on “DiD LOL’s: Hands up!

  1. I agree.. I have some of the same thoughts.. they would never turn in to reality but my thoughts somehow turn into someone asking “what are you thinking?”, my response “throwing this fucking orange through the window to see if it would bounce back or break the window “… I know that’s not me, I know it’s something in me… there are 4 “me’s”… one is rational, one is wreckless”, one is brainy, and one does not give a fuck”… we determined this during therapy years ago.. somehow I tend to control them.. the amazing journey of DID.. I’m glad I now have the family that understands

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