Okay. We know what you are thinking; You guys? A Doctor? Really? Yeah, really! We had an appointment today with a psychiatrist that we had to attend – We didn’t have a choice. We talked a bit about lives, who we were, the things we have been through. You know, the regular stuff. We talked a bit about the kidnapping we experienced in our teens (That ultimately and finally broke our minds), some of our different traumas, as a system. We also spoke about Co-Morbidity – I do really believe someone in our system is Bi-Polar.

This particular Doctor seemed really caring and was interested in our story(s). In her professional experience she had only recalled one other person she met with “DiD”. We talked a bit how ridiculous the new “Spectral Analysis” of DiD really was and how rare it actually is. She agreed, DiD is uncommonly rare and had only seen it once in her entire career. (This is becoming a recurring theme)

Eventually the conversation turned towards how we ended becoming hundreds of different movie characters, in order to survive our lives. What most people don’t know about us, is how all of this actually began. Our trauma happened early, like as in infants early and continued into our late 30’s. Trauma after trauma after trauma.

Kayleigh literally being dragged to Vermont to start her recovery. (Sucker Punch✅)
There’s no such place as “The Lennox House” in Brattleboro.
Pre Discovery (Pe-D) element

  We learned, very quickly through devastating trauma, that it wasn’t safe being who we naturally were. Our lives and our well being(s) were constantly in a state of danger or perceived danger. What we learned was that we began to live the lives of movie characters. We became other people because being ourselves only led to disaster after disaster. To make a very long story short – We literally became over 800 different movie and media characters as “Fragments” (-F+) of our varied personalities. A great example of a “Fragment” is Katy Mae’s primary fragment “Amy Lee” (33). Fragments, in our world are also referred to as “Frags”, for short.

When we are acting as characters we are known as being “Fragmented” (fgmd) – When we are not portraying ourselves as characters and just being ourselves, that’s known in our world as being “Defragmented” (D-f ).

We escaped detection by becoming these fragments, say as “Charles” from “The Edge”. Or “Cooper” from Interstellar. We had to study what and who these characters were. If we wanted to become Cooper we had to study Astroscience, physics, farming and aviation. To become Christopher McCandless in “Into The Wild” or “Charles” from “The Edge” we had to study survival tactics and wilderness management. To become “Ned Ryerson” we had to study insurance sciences and so forth and so forth. Of course to be a character from “Top Gun” we had to study military aviation – But it’s all the same thing. Being us was dangerous – Being movie characters, becoming someone else, well, was simpler and ultimately safer (Or so we thought).

Now, imagine this amount of study for hundreds upon hundreds of characters. This is WHY we have such a huge range of talents and interests. This very reason.

Katy Mae (-F+) desperately trying to save and free MikeANP. (Ghost Ship✅)
Note too, the young fragment (-F+) accompanying her. This scene includes a “Trauma Element” – That being water.
Pre Discovery (Pe-D) element

  Unfortunately, MikeANP had no idea we had become the characters that we did. That’s an even longer story for another time.

Part of becoming these characters meant echoing them, endlessly, hundreds of thousands (literally – If not millions) of times. When we say “Echo” in this particular instance we mean audibly (E/e(a)). We would study characters lines to the point of becoming terrifyingly good at them. Would you like to read more about that. Click here; This is a story about becoming “Ned Ryerson” in front of a friend; She was so terrified, she was taken aback and simply didn’t know what to say for several minutes.

Loved ones report to us that our impressions of these hundreds (If not thousands) of characters is stunningly realistic – A spot on performance – If you know us well, you know the character of “Lincoln O’ Sirus” very well. Watching a loved one transform into someone else, in a moment’s notice, is, terrifying – Especially if it’s a surprise.

Katy Mae, crushed that she had yet to get through and establish herself to MikeANP
Note the (3) pronged leaf she’s holding.
Pre Discovery (Pe-D) element

As we described to the Doctor we were speaking with today she did something amazing; She echoed her own movie lines! She really enjoyed “Ace Ventura” and as many of you might know, that character is one we echoed endlessly both physically and audibly. We still echo that particular movie and fragment, to this day. We asked her if she remembered the lines “Will you please leave; Why? You gonna beat him? Fatty!?!?!” She didn’t remember that particular line but she began to echo to us lines from “Canadian Bacon”. It turned out to be quite fun.

Katy Mae hanging on for dear life during a “Fight For Control” of Dominance (-D+) or “Ff/c” (United 93✅)
Note the high Katy Mae ponytail. This is a recurrent character trait (RCT) of Katy Mae’s.
Pre Discovery (Pe-D) element

It was kind of amazing as this was the first time that we have witnessed a Doctor echoing movies along with us. Just when you think you have seen it all, something new pops up and you’re like “Hey, that’s kinda cool”. This Doctor seemed so nice, we called her back and inquired as to maybe talking with her again sometime. Kind people are hard to come by these days. Unfortunately, her caseload is full, so nix that but the experience today was a wonderful thing. A breath of fresh and much needed air.

  Stay lovely, lovely people – It’s the only way.

Katy Mae, waving goodbye. (Understanding✅)
This is a discovery element (-DSC-)