Kayleigh is back with us – And you know what that means; Website encoding (And insulting the M/s). Our blog, while public, is really a monitoring tool for our family. This entire blog, while appearing to be something for the public is really all about us and no one else. We decided the best way to educate others about the reality of DiD was to invite all of you wonderful souls into our weird little worlds as we monitor and interact with each other. So here we are, damnit. Hello! (E/e=MtP✅).

Now that MikeANP and Kayleigh haven taken the wheel, we return to encoding our blog posts, properly. Katy Mae doesn’t like the tedious task of encoding pages for our monitoring. She’s been dominant for months, not encoding our pages and we have months of blog posts we have to update. Lately you have been seeing “C/eg” a lot. So what does it mean?

“C/eg”, in OUR world means “Co-Engagement” means that more than one of us is engaged in the same task, working together as a team to accomplish that task. On our blog, it simply means more than one of us is writing something. A great example might be:

  “#JimmyIrons and #Scissors are gonna have a sit down – It’s about to go down!!”

You would never know looking at that sentence, that is more than one of us talking (As well as fragmentation) but it is. Co-Engagements can be anything from watching a movie together or brushing our hair and anything in between. This includes interacting with others.

We mark these events with the “C/eg” expression for our own self monitoring and to show you how tricky and stealthy DiD can really be. Carry on being awesome!