Up and coming; The anxious powerliftin’ Sadie. (Blushy Ginger)

Hello lovely souls. We hope your Monday is moving along. 🙂 We got a tip from #Scissors about a new blogger, named “Sadie”.  Sadie seemed kind of cool to us so we checked out her blog. The name of her blog is called “The Blushy Ginger”. Let’s talk about it!

Sadie’s website “Blushy Ginger” is a cacophony of mashup articles centered around her experiences living with social anxiety, generalized anxiety, perfectionism and depression.  Not only that, this particular blogger is a powerlifter. That’s right, she can deadlift 200 pounds!

What make’s Sadie’s blog so attractive (Not just the wonderful aesthetics) is the fact that she has a message for her readers; They are are beautiful too. Sadie, from our vantage point is trying to deliver a message of positivity that should be noted and acknowledged. We love meeting bloggers who want to promote positivity through their own trials and tribulations; The true warriors of the world, Sadie included.

 #Scissors original posting.

  After some therapy, Sadie decided that she was alright with who she was. We can completely understand how that feels – Oddly satisfying but still scary and confusing at the same time. For as anxious and blushy as Sadie is and all of her own trials she’s walked through, she projects a certain amount of confidence and order in both her writing and presentation. To give you lovely readers a taste of what we mean, we quote her, directly:

I want to share what I have learned (and am still learning) about how to love yourself and your body in all your imperfect, messy, hopeful, neurotic, shy glory.

Isn’t that an awesome and brave message?

Describing herself as a “Hermit Crab”, Sadie has posted wonderful, thought provoking blog posts on her blog ranging from messages of self reinforcing positivity to her struggles with her own diagnosis’s. Sadie’s blog is also beautiful to look at and the theme itself is smart and clean. What makes Sadie so likeable is not only her presentation but her bubbly attitude – She responds to all who write to her, on her blog – That’s awesome!

Our family instantly liked her and we’re gonna be keeping an eye on her blog. She’s certainly going to go places if she keeps it up. Check her blog out, right here.

Whatever you do, don’t tell her The Miscreants sent you to her. You don’t know us – We are figments of your imagination.

Stay wonderful people and thank you so much for swinging by!!!!

Author: MikeandKatyBug

12 thoughts on “Up and coming; The anxious powerliftin’ Sadie. (Blushy Ginger)

  1. OH. MY. GOD. YOU’RE GONNA MAKE ME CRY. 😭😭😭😭 Oh look you did! I am so so touched. Flattered. Surprised. This hits me in my heart. You totally get what I want to do with my blog. ❤❤💖💖

    (Btw I WISH I could bench 200 lb! I’m ip to 125 lb on bench but I did get 200 lb om deadlift!)

    You seriously made my night. Truly.

    1. It’s Katy. I speak for all of us I say that you are very wonderful and lovely. Thank you for sharing your story. We wanted to do something nice for you, we like you. you deserve to be flattered and surprised. good luck. <3

    1. Absolutely, Sadie..we received it and we also updated the deadlifting part. We will all respond to you in our own time. We should be thanking you for your selflessness. Feel free to reshare anyway you see fit. 🙂

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