This realm, is YOURS – You created it. (System + Readers)

Something happened to us as children – Something beyond awful. When we opened our eyes from that event, we came back, we knew, without exception (E/e=Soaw), that this reality wasn’t “real”. We came back from the darkness and have been terrified of this reality because of that reason, ever since.

We are storytellers, excellent ones, for a reason – There is no such as coincidence with our family and everything can in this realm can be explained with simplicity – Nothing here is complicated; It’s been made to appear complicated to us but, it’s not.

Have you lovely people been seeing all the #Lighthouses in the media lately? There’s even a damned #Lighthouse in THIS video. Unreal, man. This particular video is far too personal for us for too many reasons, in far too many ways, to explain today.

“What could take? What dimension of being lost – Of abandonment of your power; What dimension of that could you stand? You could ask yourself this question – You’ll know you will eventually wake up……” -Alan Watts

Author: MikeandKatyBug

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