They are all, incorrect; Stats. (Kayleigh Marie)

You have a better chance (Statistically speaking) of being run over by a train or hit by lightning than you are of meeting someone who both has DiD and has been properly diagnosed with it. Let’s run the numbers, shall we? Do you love math as much as we do?

  200,000/330,000,000 = 0.000060606/100 (Percent) =

0.000006 percent of the US population (Or less).

Those jaw dropping percentages are what Kayleigh would call a “Statistical Anomaly”.

  Fucking tear it apart, Kayleigh. 🙂 I’ll meet you in the comments. I love you, very, very much. You are my warrior. Let’s do this.  🙂


Author: MikeandKatyBug

22 thoughts on “They are all, incorrect; Stats. (Kayleigh Marie)

  1. Close enough, I”ll take it. Let’s not forget all the malingering and misdiagnosing happening based on faulty numbers, media portrayals and erroneous therapeutic induction/suggestion. They are inside looking out, when it should be the other way around.

    They make it even trickier with all the super wide margins – The margins are so ridiculously huge one cannot take them seriously as reference material. What was it up to 40 -/+ ? That is insane on an insane scale. First, it’s 1 to 3 (Pretty big margin, there) percent of a population. One study suggests, what? .1 percent? Another study claims 40 percent (HAHA) of people live with this, then it’s 6 percent, in another study it’s 18 percent. This can only mean one thing – Every single study based on DiD we have audited is, fundamentally, incorrect – No one can agree on the percentages and numbers involved.

    These numbers look awful and absolutely ridiculous EVEN in a vacuum, let alone practiced in the real word, with real world variables applied.

      1. That’s the trick. As DiD is now on a “Spectrum” anything is game. You stub your toe and dissociate, you could be diagnosed with DiD. Had a painful (And maybe scary) tooth extraction as a kid, you could be diagnosed with DiD. Get a little stressed at work and you get a bit fuzzy? Guess, what, Bug? (C/eg=A,ANP)

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