“That’s rather odd” – A loved one discusses our photo.

Hello, lovely readers! We hope your weekend is going well. We decided it was time to share our newest photo with a loved one; The F/s (Female System) photo we wrote about yesterday. The creepy one. I (MikeANP) wanted to send this photo to a loved one and listen to what this person thought, themselves. Their reaction; Kind of interesting.

We have said many times, we are chameleons. That being said, we are chameleons in the sentient creature kind of way. What we mean by that is pretty simple. When we showed our loved one the female photo that was taken yesterday, her first response was one of shock. She was so shocked in fact, she started laughing but not at us. Just as I described myself the female system photo was shocking to say the least and that’s what that laughing was all about. So shocked the only left to do is laugh. It’s like the brain is so overloaded it hiccups and laughs to cope with the confusion.

Once the laughing was over we discussed how different this photo was from the rest of photos. Our loved one said in very clear terms “I’m not looking at MikeANP anymore – I’m actually looking a completely different person, “even your eyes, look completely different” “How the hell is that possible, Mike?”. This love one was so taken aback by what she was looking at (In relation to our eyes changing), she need another moment to process. She wasn’t looking at who she’s used to looking at. The female in us is a completely different, fully realized sentient creature, just like the male. This isn’t an act, it’s very real – They are very real.

Β  “It’s like I’m looking at a photo of you melding into the female”…

She also commented that she felt she was looking at a “Younger” female and she didn’t know how we were able to achieve that affect – The only answer we can give is that we have always been female. Also noted was that even our hair, in some odd way looked different. Forget our female soft skin, which most people comment on because they are so shocked/weirded out by it. Our skin is uncommonly soft for being on a male’s exterior body and anyone who touches us, tells us thatΒ  – Every time. Beautifully Tranny. Let’s not get into Kayleigh’s effects when she touches other people.

A total transformation without lifting a finger. We just, …….are.

It’s still scary to look at. People that love us and know us always say “Why are you creeped out, you’re beautiful – That must be so cool”. Being a female trapped in a male body is a very complex, sometimes traumatic situation to be involved in. Cool, yes but anyone who was stuck in our shoes wouldn’t be saying “Wow, this is sooooo cool”. You’d think you would but you don’t always react that way. Being a female trapped in a males body is terribly, terribly complicated, for far too many reasons and vice versa.

This conversation was awesome for us because we got to witness our loved one’s HUMAN reaction – In the end, for our family, it’s people’s human reaction to us (And things associated with us) that matters the most, to us. That’s what we trust the most.

That was a lovely conversation and I thought it would be nice to have it in our family’s recovery record.

Thank you for swinging by our shitbox blog, lovely readers; Stay as wonderful as you are right now.

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  1. i think the word tranny is absolutely beautiful and wonderful. <3

  2. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed the story πŸ™‚

  3. da-AL says:

    I have such admiration for how you persist through all the challenges of navigating what must be a complicated situation

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