That’s not a steak!

As many of you know, we smoke pot medicinally. Years before our recovery (Pe-D) started, we tried pot hoping that it would help us sleep (We have severe sleeping issues) – The moment we started smoking pot, our recovery started. Thankfully, pot eases both the Complex Post Traumatic Stress we live with along with easing the symptoms of Autism. Pot, also promotes inner system dialogue like nothing else does. Our State legalized/Decriminalized Marijuana last year and that plant saved our lives.

So anyways, Katy Mae and some in the system had just smoked some pot and we were doing chores (With Of Monsters and Men playing in the background). As we were picking up and chatting with each other, I smelled steak, or that’s to say, something that smelled like steak that smelled really good. I wanted to munch on whatever smelled so good. Mmmm.

I was thinking about how wonderful this stuff smelled and brought it close to my mouth. That’s when someone in the system (Steph/Self report) screamed “No no no, STOP that’s DOG FOOD!”.

I (MikeANP) looked down; Low and behold I was holding a package of Junior’s dog food – This stuff smelled really good. I was kind of shocked how good this stuff smelled. I almost bit into it. ALMOST. We had opened the package of dog food in preparation to feed the dog, like we always do. This is a brand new type of dog food we bought and I wasn’t expecting it to actually smell appetizing.

I will never live this one down.

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  1. da-AL says:

    O-m-g — why have we never heard about your dear doggie yet? What kind – a pic? <3

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