System rivalries; Mark(us) and Kayleigh. (New Readers)

Hello lovely readers! We have been reading up on blogs today and wow, so many brilliant people out there; That means you. We thought we would write about something lighthearted. If you are new to our shitbox blog, you will eventually meet Mark(us) and Kayleigh Marie. These two can be absolutely vicious to each other in a never ending game/battle of fighting and chuckling. In the end, they laugh together and that’s just wonderful for the rest of us, that get to watch these two.

These two have a weird relationship.This is usually how it starts. Mark(us) loves picking at Kayleigh – Trying his best to understand her. The rest of the system have learned to just leave those two alone when they get ramped up. Usually Mark(us) says something stupid to Kayleigh and Kayleigh usually insults something like Mark’s dick and the next thing you know, all hell breaks loose. It can happen in a flash. Sometimes we can see Mark(us) intentionally trying to get Kayleigh rowled up – It’s only a matter of time. It’s truly hilarious and scary at the same time to be a part of.

Lots of times, these two will get into fights during NDS’s (Non Dominant State) or during a Kayleigh dominance situation.

Even when Mark(us) is extremely nice, during the non conflict times, to Kayleigh, she still slashes at him every chance she gets. As rear conscious observer(s) of this madness, it never fails to give a boost to the rest of the system. Kayleigh considers Mark(us) one of her arch nemsis’s in life. All Mark(us) wants to do is hug and kiss Kayleigh. Her response “I’d rather die first”. No shit.

Keep an eye out for these two. It’s absolutely hilarious to watch them spar.

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