Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

Our DiD Journey

"People do it everyday; They talk to themselves. They seem themselves as they'd like to be" –Fight Club

(System Notes): MikeANP

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Hello, Miscreants. Less than 1/2 half pack today. HOLY SHIT. I’m so incredibly proud of you all, in just a few weeks time I know it’s hard. Remember the booze? We never thought we could live without it. I remember those nights too, when all we wanted to do was drink. We quite smokin’……that’s the last one. The last one. We can finally be free of this fucking anchor.

. I understand why we never sought the comfort of others – Because we know no one could possibly relate to us and thus, comfort us.

I understand reality, our realities, whatever they are, is completely overwhelming. I tried to wipe it all away. It’s just too much, sometimes.

To wake up in poverty being a failure in ever regard was the only way Kayleigh was going to completely destroy this place; With a fury – Which she did.. Waking up addicts only made things 1000 times worse x9 at the worst possible time. I knew we were going to lose what little we did have. I knew, Kayleigh knew.

It’s only going to get harder, you degenerates and the only people that are truly going to care about that is us. It’s only going to get harder. Check in on this post when you can.Β  MikeANP

24 thoughts on “(System Notes): MikeANP

    1. Why do you always come here bein’ nice. Thank you so much for the Kudos but don’t congratulate me/us.

      That’s like sayin’ “Congratulations, you paid your bills this month!!!” XD XD You rock!

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