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  1. “I am tempted to avoid many social situations.” Nothing wrong with that, at all.

  2. This chick has her shit together. -S

  3. “What advice would you give your younger self?” I think it’s not just me that would say “Hang on, the Matrix is about to fuck you”.

  4. “Um, hi. I’m Sadie. I’m a mom and I like to powerlift and, um…

    *activate blush-and-rush mode*”

  5. This is highly entertaining 🤣

  6. The comment thread is highly entertaining I mean lol

    • Just you wait until you meet Kayleigh Marie. 🙂 -M

        • Holy shit, Kayleigh. Wow she’s…well, you’ll see, or ask Ashley. She knows Kayleigh.

          • Hehe. Is she a contributor on your blog?

          • Sorry for the super vague question :-/ I meant Ash, but I’ve spent the last little while on your site learning about it so I’m getting to know the main players’ names 🙂

          • Ash, ironically, for as long as she has been following us (for years) has yet to do a guest post on our shitbox blog.

          • I am having a bit of trouble getting used to the WordPress Reader commenting system. So… sorry for the random and contradictory replies lol

          • HAHA We understand. No problem!

          • Sorry for the super vague question :-/ I meant Kayleigh, but I’ve spent the last little while on your site learning about your family so I’m getting to know the names 🙂

          • We are open books. If you ever have a question about DiD or something you see on our blog, don’t hesitate to ask. There is a lot of disinformation about there about DID. You’re always welcome here. 🙂

          • Thank you! It’s nice to know that it’s okay to comment/ask questions without accidentally sounding super ignorant (it may be the case, but it won’t be willful or mean-spirited ignorance).

          • No problem! DiD is uncommonly rare, regardless of the misinformation surrounding DiD. Ask away!

          • Thanks! Do you think that most of what people think they know of DiD are misconceptions, particularly because of TV and movies?

          • Not only that, bloggers and Youtubers are just as bad, if not worse. It’s not just the mainstream news, you know? Forget the movies. It’s these people causing the real stigma they claim they are trying to erase. When you live with something this life changing you can spot people lying about living with DID, or acting like an active alter, 10 miles away, if not further. It’s just like a lifelong smoker watching someone who doesn’t smoke, try and act like they are a smoker.

            It’s people either lying to garner unearned sympathy or to receive State/Govt benefits. DiD is extremely, extremely extremely, uncommonly rare (Did we mention “extremely”). Some of these people have turned their stories (Or potential misdiagnosis) into careers on Youtube. It’s absolutely ridiculous. “Meet my alter day..” with the cheesy, 9 year old bubble gum pop music playing in the background….Are you fucking kidding us?

            Be VERY careful when it comes to ingesting information from ANYONE claiming to live with DiD – ESPECIALLY anyone in the mainstream.

          • hahahahahahahahahahahahhahah could you imagine a “meet kayleigh day”. hahahahahahahahahahah <3

          • Oh dear God. That would be easy and it would take 10 seconds, Bug.

            Everyone, meet Kayleigh Marie!

            Kayleigh Marie: Fuck off, all of you….Goodbye.

          • WOW. I had no idea this was such an issue or that there was so much misinformation. Could DiD possibly have the unfortunate distinction of being the LEAST understood yet MOST glamourized mental health diagnosis?

          • Our friend, we will say this just having met you. Ask Ashley, she’s been following us for years. The REASON why this is, in your words,

            “Could DiD possibly have the unfortunate distinction of being the LEAST understood yet MOST glamourized mental health diagnosis?”

            That’s actually quite a simple answer and that is, it has to do with our family, us – The people you’re talking to. Keep following us for a bit, you’ll see exactly what we are talking about. Don’t trust us or take our word for it, we wouldn’t want that. Just watch and see for yourself.

            Just remember, take everything you hear about DiD with a giant grain of salt. Not telling you not to taste all the information out there, just be carefully swallowing it.
            You might end up with food poisoning. Great blog post today (Well, yesterday), by the way. 🙂

          • Thank you 💚 I’m curious to learn more so I will be following along. And taking everything with a grain of salt. 🙂

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