Meet The Miscreants; Our first podcast test.

  This is our first podcast (Just a test)! How exciting is this!?!?! This podcast is 12 minutes long. Got 12 minutes? – See what we did there? Feel free to tell us what you think!

Readers who would like to listen to this podcast must visit our website in order to play it. The WordPress Reader strips the html formatting from the page. Sorry guys! Click here to travel to our site!


Author: MikeandKatyBug

28 thoughts on “Meet The Miscreants; Our first podcast test.

        1. HAHA You are so sweet. 😀 People do say we have a nice voice. You might be onto something. 😀 Thank you for spending some time with us, Ash, you are wonderful!

  1. Sweetttttt. Y’all’s body has a really soothing and “radio personality” voice, omg! I produce d-Al as “dah Ey Ai”, no idea if I’m correct or not! 🙂

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