Kayleigh Marie meets MikeANP. (New Readers)

This is an Echo Element (E/e=?) that one of the most important images we have. This is Kayleigh Marie meeting me, MikeANP. The day that yet again, changed my life, forever. We will let this Element speak for itself because it’s totally accurate of what meeting Kayleigh was really like.Β  Stay lovely, you lovely souls. System information is below the image!

(E/e=Lucy βœ… – Po-D, (A), ANP, C3, (E), f+, (Id/=K,M,) , I/p+,-Dsc-, E/p+, F/s, M/s, RCT, P+, (T),)

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9 Responses

  1. The day, that changed my life forever.

  2. this one always makes me cry. its so beautiful. <3

  3. The string looks about right, from here.

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