Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

Our DiD Journey

"People do it everyday; They talk to themselves. They seem themselves as they'd like to be" –Fight Club

It ain’t over motherfuckers!

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You know this could be you and Kayleigh pacing back and forth like a bunch of maniacs all fucking night long – How many miles do you two have to pace in one night a couple of miles? Whats the square root of I don’t give a shit. this song works for that too.



27 thoughts on “It ain’t over motherfuckers!

          1. What if it’s like that movie…you know “Run as fast as you can, while you can”. HAHA “Get out of here!” What was that stupid fucking volcano movie. Remember (E/e=Th)? Dude got his feet melted off.

            Poor Ashley, she’s in the abyss. Run girl, while you can, get out of here, kind of thing.

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