I think its time we name this. (System)

Cyclical Trauma Response. (CTr)

I had this revelation with you guys over a year ago. Tonight it came back. Remember Kayeleigh in Miscreants Alley? The babysitter? That night. What did I/we did we say to her? You guys remember. This is a reminder to write about compartmentalized memory issues and DiD, too.

Yes. Cyclical Trauma Response.

I have no idea what the medical in mainstream of what I’m describing but then again, look what the mental health system did to us. We have to depend on us. Remember, it’s only going to get harder.

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  1. “Once you understand something, you are liberated from it”. -S

  2. “I gotta do more than just the average man would do. I gotta set a mark no body can touch”.”And when I set that mark, I’m going to make it, I’m going to make it happen”. –Tupac. there’s a reason I’m listening to this song, dad. <3

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