Website updates/Family Plans.

We have a ton of updates to share with you wonderful people. If you have noted, there are brand new links and pages we are adding to the website. We are going to be bringing back “Miscreant’s Alley” because we had too much fun with it. We just don’t know how we want to implement Miscreant’s Alley, yet. We have a ton of new, exciting content coming. Want the low down? Click “Continue reading’ for more information about our plans.

After a long couple of days of conversation, we know now, what we want to do with our diagnosis. Education. We have always LOVED education and at one time, wanted to be teachers. We want to educate others as to what TRUE DiD is really like. We need to be able to financially support ourselves and love about talking about what we know. We know and love DiD. So this is what we will be capitalizing on. We gotta take ourselves on the road – We cannot keep living in absolute poverty.

We want to develop a DiD presentation for a few different reasons:

We want to teach therapists, case managers, psychiatrists, educators and anyone else in the mental health system what living DiD is like through our personal stories (That includes pre and post discovery elements). We want to educate others about DiD through entertainment and comedy. So many of you lovely souls have shared the fact that our family and our dialogues are “Entertaining“. We want to exploit that for the greater good. People assume we are batshit crazy and we aren’t. In fact someone close to us said “I’m surprised, you’re not as crazy as I thought you would be”.

We want to focus on the beauty of DiD – And that there is hope of recovery.

We want to use major motion pictures about DiD, in our presentations as examples of what was presented properly and what wasn’t presented properly. This is to include huge amount of malingering (Bullshitting) we are spotting online and in the mainstream. These people need to be fucking stopped; Or rediagnosed, or both. This might include how to spot people lying about living with the disorder- Most of them lie about the disorder to receive some kind of financial benefit – Perhaps our efforts can reduce this.

We want to develop this system in order to create a model in which to properly spot the extremely subtle clues that someone may be living with DiD that mental health professionals can use as a template if they suspect someone is living with DiD. This includes employing the scalable, self/projection monitoring language/Tool that Kayleigh Marie is currently developing (See Acronyms) for those living with Identity Disorders.

We are considering monetizing a sister site that will be part of our professional presentation – Consider the sister site we might develop as a live extension (Continuing education) of our professional presentation(s). We are also considering writing a new book about DiD. This could be another extension of our professional presentation – We have absolutely no idea where to take this, yet.

We are overhauling the entire website with new linkages, new media and brand new article types. Keep a sharp eye out!

All of you are awesome – Keep being that. πŸ™‚


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  1. haha. not only is my dad the president and CEO of the visually disadvantaged club he’s also the only member! <3

  2. Haha. I saw what you did there. -S

  3. I’m getting sick of people sayin’ “Hey it’s not Halloween yet, Buddy” whenever I leave the house.

  4. da-AL says:

    what a great idea! wishing you the best with it- if the sites that are complete liars can make $$, then why not the truth?

  5. skinnyhobbit says:

    My memory can be bad… Have anyone in the Miscreants heard of Carolyn Spring? And Sarah K Recee? They do something similar – train therapists and others! πŸ™‚

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