Do you guys see it?

Hello lovely readers – The main reason we designed the blog was track our progress through our recovery from discovery of DiD (DSC) to current day(s). This blog is actually a monitoring tool for our family and it was designed very carefully and deliberately for that function. The reason we are sharing it with the world is for a few different reasons but that’s another story for another time.

Have you noticed over the last few weeks, there has been less military stuff, less male dominant material – It’s been re-balanced with, as you can see (For those paying attention), dancing females, pop music and more female dominant material. Katy Mae doesn’t enjoying coding the website and she generally doesn’t unless we ask her and she’s mindful enough to remember it.

Also, we noted the last check in on the “Dominance Swatch” was two months ago. Many in system are very ordered and coding our blog is important to many of us, for just these kind of reasons. To let something like the Dominance Swatch go unattended, for this long, is a big flag to us. Someone else has been in primary control. Note too, the swatch – The last check in, the system was in shock and frightened. This could have been one of the reasons the dominance issue began.

Katy and others in the female system (F/s) have been listening to the same songs for weeks and weeks on end. Stuck in repeat for sometimes, days at a time. Katy has been dancing to some of her favorite music, as well. She, last week took completely over in what I (MikeANP) would call a possessed state (P) that ended with a perspective shift (P/s). The time slippage (Memory gaps) we experience has been absolutely severe, over the last week or so. We also have been trying to nurse ourselves from the crash that’s happening because of the split.  Our sleeping schedule has also shifted.

More in the female system have also been vocalizing on the blog, with friends and with loved ones. Katy Mae picked up her pencils for the first time in almost a year and a half.

It’s clear that dominance (-D+) issues have been happening for at least two months, if not longer. Katy Mae and others in the female system have been much more dominant over the last few months and this blog, utilized as a tool, is reflective of that change in dominance. Our blog is beginning to bear fruit for us, just as we intended it.

Oddly enough, too, We feel rebalanced. We feel like right now we are a perfect mix of female and male. This is a brand new, very weird, sexy feeling. I’m sure we will write about it again, once this split (/S/) ends. What an odd flippin’ feeling.

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  1. ashleyleia says:

    It’s been lovely to see Katy Mae making herself known,.

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