24 thoughts on “Calling out DiD clickbait and scam artists…

    1. This woman is full of shit. She’s monetizing something that destroys your entire life. She’s monetizing on other people’s horror and frankly, it’s extremely insulting, Matrix Game or not.

      This woman really, really pisses our family off. If you have questions about what you see in the mainstream about DiD feel free to ask us.

      What part of the news are you referring, the blurb you’re mentioning?

      1. After the guy’s youtube video — you know how youtube keeps playing more videos? In my prior comment I included a link to the video that followed — it was a news feature on a woman with DID who lives in Wales — did you see the link?

          1. Yes, I’d love for you to look at it & tell me what you think. If you can’t see the link in my 1st comment here, perhaps wordpress won’t let you open the link? In that case, try googling All Of Me | Dissociative Identity Disorder Documentary | Sunday Night Live on 7 – youtube

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