Bug. (P) ANP I/d=K,ANP (G)

They are profiting and garnering sympathy from other people’s nightmares come true. That is truly disgusting beyond words I have no words, nor does Steph. I know you want to cry and shriek. I know baby. I know. Listen to be Bug, read this; Don’t do it. Calling them out, all of them does you no good. I want you to read this before you do anything rash, Katy. I promised to the share the world our recovery, so I’m posting this – No regrets – There’s only one way to show the world what TRUE DID actually is and this is it. This is the contract your family signed (Well some of us).

I know how angry you are. Me and your mom know – Your whole family can feel how upset you are. There’s a reason, Bug, we kept you away from these people. We knew it was going to make you extremely upset. I know how much seeing these bloggers and youtubers and people really upsets you. I know, I know. Why do you think we haven’t watched them, post?

The truth is Bug, you have to see this from their perspective. They know they don’t live with something like this. The only way people will pay attention to them is if they lie about who they are. At night, when they stare at a blank ceiling, having not impressed themselves but everyone else, they know they don’t deserve the attention they receive; That is hell, Bug, in a very real way.

They are given things that you deserve and have earned. I know how angry you are right now and I’m sorry.

We have beaten the odds to together. They said we would never get better – They said, a lot of things. They were wrong and we were right. There is pride that these people will never have that you do. They aren’t happy – They can’t even lie about that, properly. Their lives and financial gains don’t make them what YOU are. They don’t know Hell, like you do.

You are strong and beautiful and wonderful and lovely in ways that no can describe, not even me. Let these fucking idiots receive all the fleeting, nonsensical hero status attention they know they don’t deserve. Eventually, that will end, too. Eventually, they all be undone. With time, comes the truth.

Until you start seeing this is as a big ass joke at OUR expense and suffering, this will eat you and eat you.

The entire world SINGS FOR/TO YOU. For you. Not me, not your mom, not Stephanie, YOU. Her name is Amy Lee(33) for fuck sakes, Katy. No one’s singing to them. No one makes movies for them.

Keep your mind Katy Mae – Keep your fuckin’ mind. This will pass. Do what you will but think hard. Calling these idiots out just makes you appear to be in disorder. You have worked too hard to appear to be in disorder This will pass…We love you and we are here. Just hit the comments. We wait for you, Katy.

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  1. Could you fucking imagine a “Meet Kayleigh day” Vlog or something. Holy shit that would be fucking hilarious. What a joke. -S

  2. Yeah, I can feel us. This man, this is weird – It’s like that fury, aw gawd. Bug Oh Bug, come out wherever you are.

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