Ashley’s Find: “Doctor getting sober”. (Post updates/C)

We have spent our entire lives inside the mental health system. 41 years to be exact; Longer than many doctors have been practicing. We have plenty of experience of meeting Doctors, Case Managers, Trauma Nurses, Social workers, Docs in residency, the whole bit. What we have learned in those 4 decades in both public treatment and private treatment, is that this field is no different than any other. The pysch field and it’s practitioners can suffer the same kinds of mental health problems as those they treat – It’s absolutely no different and why would it be?

This isn’t a slam against anyone, it’s a fact.  We have spoken with Doctors (And loved ones of Doctors) candidly about the same issues and they agree; The problem, in some professional circles, is pervasive. It’s actually a subject that has been brought up in mainstream movies and media, repeatedly.

” I’m thinking there might be other people out there like me, scared to come out because of their professions so if I reach you and you feel less alone then I’ve helped us both.”  –“Doctor getting sober”.

Even worse, for those who practice medicine, disclosing their own medical conditions can jeopardize their careers; For wanting to seek help. This becomes a very slippery, dangerous and isolating slope. Here’s some source material concerning the issue. Doctors who need help may have no where to turn and even if they do attempt to get help, they may end up facing serious personal and professional backlash for doing so. It’s not fair to them and this needs to change. Here is another article describing how the health care system can actually make practitioners ill.

The field has plenty of practitioners who suffer from addiction issues, depression, Bi-Polar, narcissism, personality disorders and other mental health difficulties, just like everyone else. We have witnessed it with our own eyes. Doctors and mental health practitioners aren’t masters of the Universe, they aren’t invincible and they are no smarter or better than you. They are just people, too, just like you! Mental health issues can happen to absolutely anyone and anyone of any stripe. That’s just the way it is. We are all of us, damaged.

Ashley over @ Mental Health @ Home posted a really awesome blog by an actual Doctor who is writing more about her addiction issues. That takes a ton of courage considering the above, no matter who you are. It looks like she’s just starting on her blog.

To find a Doctor inside the system writing about her issues is extremely brave and rare. This Doctor’s blog is called “Doctor getting sober“. Make sure to check it out, lovely readers!!! Make sure you tell her the Miscreants didn’t send you. We are figments of your imagination. 😀 Good luck on your journey to recovery, Doctor – You’re a brave soul (Post updated 1/29/2020).


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    They write well, going to follow them!

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