Daily Archive: January 10, 2020


Evanesence; The Chain (New Release).

We gotta tell you lovely readers, we aren’t a fan of this one at all. Yuck. We can feel Katy and even she’s like “I don’t like something about this”. This whole video feels...


Radical Face; Secrets (New Readers). (E/mv)

Katy Mae heard this (E/mv) and lost her mind a few months ago. This song is sung by a prediscovery (Pe D) band called “Radical Face”. This has a ton of awesome (TTm) shots...


In the news: SAMS

Hello everyone. MikeANP. With all of the craziness in the news I thought I would try and help out a bit. For those of you who might hear this term on the news “SAM”...