Daily Archive: January 1, 2020


Do you guys see it?

Hello lovely readers – The main reason we designed the blog was track our progress through our recovery from discovery of DiD (DSC) to current day(s). This blog is actually a monitoring tool for...


Freedum is back!!!

This is just a very rough sketch of my family’s character “Freedum”. I colored Freedum’s feathers Red, White and Blue to intensify the propaganda effect. He’s just as mean as always, though. I used...


Attention, Mr. Matrix; Kayleigh’s FEOML.

Mr(s). Matrix, have challenged Doctors, Ph.D’s, Scientists and just about everyone we know with Kayleigh’s FEOML – Now we (Especially Kayleigh) are challenging YOU. Everyone who has attempted to solve this breaks. Cracks. Now...